The Ellinikon

The Ellinikon

Tomorrow is on our doorstep

The Ellinikon will be a new "city within a city" — with thousands of permanent residents and wholly integrated with Athens and the historical Attica region.

After determined efforts to develop the site of Athens' former international airport — and with a clear, bold, realizable vision — The Ellinikon is breaking ground and making progress.

Now, we are creating a place that will combine new benchmarks for quality of life, sustainability and economic growth — a synergy that will deliver much greater value than the sum of its parts.

A landmark. A green oasis. A better, more prosperous future for all.

Symbolizing a new era for Greece. A global destination with local impact

Harnessing the value of heritage and location.

The Ellinikon masterplan is a world-class scheme that reflects and amplifies the character of the Athenian Riviera — the sea, the sun, the land and the natural flora of our home.

The Mediterranean landscape is a dominant feature — highlighted by The Ellinikon Park and The Ellinikon Riviera which extend into several communities, each one with its own distinct character and topography.

Throughout the site, existing buildings of historical and emotional significance will be maintained and enhanced, with a route connecting all major archaeological and other cultural sites.

Underlying all these elements will be the most progressive and sustainable infrastructure to make The Ellinikon a paradigm of integrated and sustainable living.

Symbolizing a new era for Greece. A global destination with local impact

Cultivating a green civic hub.

The foundation of the project's masterplan is an extensive public realm accessible to all.

The Ellinikon Park alone is expected to nearly double the total provision of green open space per capita in Athens — providing a much-needed environmental benefit to the nation's capital and largest city, to be enjoyed and celebrated by the local residents and visitors around the world.

The Ellinikon will also be a highly-active suburb where new schools, cultural institutions and essential public services are located adjacent to one of the world’s oldest cities and vibrant cosmopolitan metropolis.

Creating shared value.

Through completion, the project is expected to contribute 2.5% to the country's GDP while providing over €14 billion in tax revenues to the state.

Development is expected to create more than 75,000 jobs. As it grows, The Ellinikon will promote an inclusive economy with access to jobs and training.

All this will build on Greece's reputation as a strong, unified destination for visitors, businesses, and investors.

Building history

Delivering on our mandate.

Working together, LAMDA, our partners and investors — with the support of the Greek state and people — have begun the epic journey of creating The Ellinikon. We're conscious of the past and appreciate the expectations and support as we build toward completion.


The area of Hellinikon hosts refugee camps.


The Hellinikon Athens Airport opens with commencement of international and domestic flights. Aircraft hangars are built by the Hellenic Air Force.


The Hellinikon airport is used as a German airbase during the Nazi invasion of Greece.


The installation of the United States Air Force Base at the Hellinikon airport. Then known as the Hassani Airport.


The site is renamed Athens International Airport.


Opening of the International East Terminal, designed by Finnish architect Eero Saarienen.


Closing down of the facilities of the United States Air Force Base.


Athens International Airport undergoes a major expansion.


LAMDA Development S.A., as a member of the Latsis Group, is listed on the Athens Exchange.


Last flight from the Athens International Airport. All airport activities are transferred to the new airport facilities at Eleftherios Venizelos in Athens' Spata district.


The Marina at Hellinikon begins development to host the Athens Olympic Sailing Centre.


The Hellinikon site is redeveloped and hosts several sports activities for the 2004 Olympics.


A redevelopment of the Hellinikon old Airport site is proposed by LAMDA Development S.A. to the Greek State.


Lamda Development S.A. submits to the Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund Société Anonyme (HRADF) financial offer for the acquisition of the 100% of the shares of Hellinikon S.A.


Signing of contract between the Greek State and LAMDA Development S.A. for the acquisition of the shares of the Hellinikon S.A.


Ratification and publication of the Hellinikon SPA by the Greek Parliament.


Approval of integrated development plan via issuance of the Presidential Decree.


Approval of the Urban plan studies via issuance of the Joint Ministerial decisions.


Start of the precursory works on laying out the areas of the Hellinikon site.


Transfer of Hellinikon S.A.’s shares to Lamda Development S.A. The development project is named The Ellinikon.


Initiation of The Ellinikon Phase 1 construction.


Phase 1 construction completion.

Realizing this vision

The Ellinikon's development principles.

Making a dream come true requires focus and determination.

We look to these core principles for The Ellinikon as foundations for the practical delivery of an extraordinary place.

The Infrastructure Ellinikon Masterplan

The Infrastructure Ellinikon Masterplan

The Marina Residential Tower Development Plan

The Marina Residential Tower Development Plan


The physical platform for The Ellinikon is designed to attract and sustain a diverse 21st-century economy.

That means an infrastructure that’s both people-focused and future-proofed.

Infrastructure will be robust, resilient and highly-networked — with a low-impact and adaptable approach to existing city utility networks and a flexible, forward-looking approach to new innovations as they come available.


The Ellinikon will be considered a model of integrated, sustainable living in the 21st Century.

Our commitments include:

— LEED certifications for all buildings, SITE certification for the Park & public realm and WELL certified offices

— Energy efficiency and reduction to minimize carbon emissions

— Water conservation strategies to restore natural systems

— Sustainable building materials to preserve natural resources

— Climate adaptation to future proof the development

— Walkable, bikeable pathways throughout, with electric vehicle facilities serving the entire development

The Ellinikon Park will be designed following the latest sustainability principles and best practices — and will stand as an ecological marvel and an important source of community education.


Biodiverse landscapes will enhance and regenerate the site's natural ecosystems and ensure its long-term health and vitality.

Focused on The Ellinikon Park but extending throughout the project, healthy green spaces will provide habitat, prevent soil erosion, clean air and water, preserve natural systems, mitigate flood risk and filter carbon within The Ellinikon's urban environment.

Ecologically diverse green areas will enhance celebration of nature, mental restoration and social connection for the visitors.

Innovation & Technology

The Ellinikon will be a state-of-the-art smart district that pioneers the future of home, work, and entertainment; utilizing technology to deliver sustainability and serve the people of tomorrow.

It will be among the first urban regenerations of its size worldwide to integrate from the ground up the most advanced “smart city” technologies, including Internet of Things, data analytics, ultra-high speed fiber optics network and full 5G, aiming to provide a digitally assisted everyday life to its residents and employees, and a memorable experience to its visitors. Technologies that are user centric — pursuing wellbeing, safety and privacy — and provide digital readiness for the future economy.

Our commitments include:

— Cutting edge digital connectivity — both wired and wireless

— Full suite of Smart Home and Smart Office solutions

— Smart metering, lighting, waste, parking, traffic, AR wayfinding — to optimize the operation and performance of all outdoor assets and networks

— Environmental and safety solutions — to preserve nature and wellbeing

— The Ellinikon mobile app for easy to use, consolidated access to all high value digital services for all residents and visitors.

Quality of Life

The Ellinikon is designed and will be built around the understanding that open spaces contribute immensely to people's wellbeing and sense of civic belonging.

They make us feel comfortable and satisfy our needs for fresh air, natural light and social interaction, outdoor physical activity and mental restoration as well as aesthetic engagement with the natural environment.

The Ellinikon will enable and encourage this engagement by creating real communities, with their own character and lifestyle — places that are just right for the people who live, work and play at The Ellinikon.