The Ellinikon: A new way of life, accessible to all, is becoming a reality

Wednesday 20 April 2022. The plans for the new building complex to be developed at The Ellinikon, which will be the first building of the landmark investment, was presented at an event held by Lamda Development. The event was attended by representatives of the political leadership, the Region of Attica, Local Authorities, Associations of people with disabilities and many others.

The incorporation of a building complex for vulnerable groups at the The Ellinikon confirms that this landmark project involves and supports the entire society.

The welfare of people with disabilities and especially the existence of suitable caring and occupational structures are crucial to them and their families. The initiative of Lamda Development to make the first building to emerge at The Ellinikon a building for persons with disabilities is highly symbolic.

The new building at The Ellinikon, which will house the associations of Amimoni, Ermis, Niki Victor Artant , as well as the Association of Persons with Multiple Sclerosis, stands out for its pioneering, green, sustainable design,  like the rest of the investment. The construction cost of the building at €15 million  will be borne entirely by Lamda Development.

The vision of Lamda Development goes beyond simply creating a modern building. Itshowcases a new way of life, of higher quality, easier, more open, more extrovert, that will improve the daily life of children, but also adults with disabilities.

It is for that reason that the entire Ellinikon investment was designed, planned, and is being created with special provisions for persons with disabilities.

The construction works of the building, which is considered an international model for Care Units, is already underway and will be completed in 2023.

The event was addressed by the President of the Hellenic Republic, Ms Katerina Sakellaropoulou, who, in her  message, stressed: “The decision by Lamda Development to move ahead, at its own expense, with the construction of a pioneering building complex on the site of the old airport, to house all these associations, is an important step both for our vulnerable fellow citizens and their families which support them, as well as for the sound development of the area, always to the benefit of the Greek society”.

The CEO of Lamda Development, Mr Odisseas Athanasiou,  stated: “We decided, for both symbolic and essential reasons, this building for people with disabilities to be the first to start with our on-site works at The Ellinikon. This is the promise we made we are here today, with them, to present it to you”.

Representing the Prime Minister, the Deputy Minister of Welfare and Social Solidarity, Ms Domna Michailidou mentioned: “We are now in the era where inclusion is necessary not only as a humanitarian model dictated to us by moral rules, but also as a must have prerequisite for social development and financial progress.”

The Minister of Development and Investment, Mr Adonis Georgiadis, characteristically stressed: “I would like to congratulate Mr Odisseas Athanasiou, because what I was expected was far less than what is being implemented. You gave joy to children who need it. You went beyond all expectations. You sent an important message that the largest urban regeneration project in Europe is not a project that starts with the exclusion of some people, but a work that embraces all people. My warmest congratulations”.