The Ellinikon

Dream in green

Explore Europe’s largest coastal park

Marvel at an urban transformation.

The Ellinikon Park at The Ellinikon consists of 2,000,000 sqm of vibrant new green space that will refine the coastal front of the city and make a lasting impact on the community, prosperity and quality of life of all Athenians.

This will be more than a green oasis. It will be one of the largest coastal parks in the world — and an ambitious rival to the great urban parks of New York and London.

Open to all, The Ellinikon Park will be a platform for cultural events, sports and recreation, public health and personal wellbeing.

As a special destination, a daily respite or an inspiring walk to work, The Ellinikon Park will transform the way Athenians and visitors alike live, work and play, for generations to come.

Find calm in the Park.

Let life flow in a new natural wonder.

Away from the city’s fast pace, in sea breeze or shady glades, The Ellinikon Park will provide the space and tempo for recharging and reconnecting with nature.

We know how important physical and psychological wellbeing can be — for urban dwellers and holidaymakers alike.

Over-busy minds need to slow down; modern bodies need to find their natural rhythm. Everyone needs to take a deep breath and reconnect with nature.

Just a few steps away from the metro station and Athenian avenues, the noise and the crowds will start fading away. Find exercise — from hoops to yoga — in our open-air training facilities, or find your own places to explore, to reflect, to hang out.

Your own place at The Ellinikon to just feel and be well.

Discover the Experience Park
Discover the Experience Park
Find calm in the Park.

Practice like a pro or get fit

Something for everyone in Greece's new sports center.

The Ellinikon Park will set a new benchmark in sports facilities and public recreation.

The state-of-the-art Athletics Precinct covers more than 500,000 sqm, much of it green, open spaces for exercise.

The public will enjoy football, track & field, swimming, tennis, basketball, beach volleyball, gymnastics and lots of playgrounds.

And the Athletics Precinct will be home to a new athletics center with the capability to serve not only Greece’s next gold-medal winners, but all Athenians and visitors to The Ellinikon.

Practice like a pro or get fit

Let your senses roam down surprising pathways

Vivid landscapes, bursting with life.

The Ellinikon’s unique scale and location affords the Park endless possibilities for engagement and enjoyment, enhancing and celebrating the natural characteristics of the Attica coastline.

In addition to protection and revival of the existing ecosystem, the Park will see new trees planted — selected for biodiversity and positive carbon balance, and symbolic of the nation’s environmental resilience in challenging times.

Winding through the landscape and stretching out into the adjoining neighborhoods, The Ellinikon Park offers a network of almost 50km of paths for bicyclists and walkers.

Paths that will connect classical ruins and listed buildings with elite sporting events, multi-use exhibition venues and a stunning contemporary sculpture park.

Highlight of the path network will be the 2.6km Promenade — a broad pedestrian thoroughfare stretching from the glorious beach to the breezy hilltops above The Ellinikon.

And, always, much more happenings — the seasonal markets, street musicians, outdoor education and activities that make the world’s great city parks thrive.

Let your senses roam down surprising pathways

Put down roots

Growing communities by the Park.

More than a fine day out for all, The Ellinikon Park will also be home to thousands in the new, distinct neighborhoods of The Ellinikon.

A broad range of residential opportunities will come available as the project grows, with a total of 65 building zones planned, with contemporary apartments of all sizes and configurations.

Put down roots