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Situated between Mount Hymettus and the beaches of the Athenian Riviera and surrounded by the buzz of metropolitan Athens, The Ellinikon is utterly unique in terms of position, scale and potential.

The 6,200,000 sqm of Athens’ former international airport site will be transformed into a unique ecosystem comprising several distinct communities — each with its own character.

At the southern edge of The Ellinikon site — over 3.5 km of coastline, upgraded and enhanced for luxury living and public enjoyment.

And in the center of it all lies the 2,000,000 sqm The Ellinikon Park — the largest coastal park in Europe and a true landmark of 21st-Century Greece.

Discover The Ellinikon

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The Ellinikon Riviera

A coastal experience combining shops and attractions, a 400-berth marina, new residences and a pristine new beach.

The Ellinikon Park

The Ellinikon Park offers endless possibilities for engagement and enjoyment, enhancing and celebrating the natural characteristics of the Attica coastline.

The Ellinikon Business District

The Ellinikon is an ideal destination for success — a destination that combines retail diversity with corporate prestige, and a range of opportunities for small and medium businesses.

Share a greener future

New standards of sustainability for everyone.

The scale and natural setting of The Ellinikon presents a rare and exciting opportunity to build a new Greek city — future-proofed with sustainable values.

All buildings will meet the highest sustainability standards, while facilitating the health and wellbeing of those who live, work and visit here.

Throughout the project, climate-positive design will reduce energy use, increase energy efficiency and minimize carbon emissions.

The site will be connected by walkable, bikeable pathways, while electric vehicle facilities will be serving the entire development.

And The Ellinikon Park will conserve and promote biodiversity — as well as providing green and open spaces to celebrate our exceptional natural environment.

Share a greener future

Reinvigorate your body and soul

This is the place to just do it

From the expansive Metropolitan Park to our sun-splashed beaches, The Ellinikon will have nature and wellbeing woven into every experience.

Explore miles of trails and pathways on foot or on bike. Find a contemplative moment in the Zen garden. Bask at the shore — on a special holiday, or on your lunch break.

Or choose your passion at the Athletic Precinct — destined to be Athens’ go-to place for all kinds of workouts, yoga classes and a broad range of team sports.

Reinvigorate your body and soul

Make a fresh start in a smarter city

Quality of life, elevated by technology.

The Ellinikon will be among the first urban regenerations of its size to integrate the most advanced ‘smart city’ technologies from the ground up. Benefits of this smart infrastructure will impact everyone.

People who live and work at The Ellinikon will notice improved safety, more efficiency and a higher quality of life.

Visitors will experience cutting-edge facilities, improved transport — with Greece being viewed as a home for innovative and progressive living.

Make a fresh start in a smarter city

Elliniko: A trip through time, from prehistory to the present.

A tribute to a landmark-place

From the first origin traces at the area of Agios Kosmas to the modern era, the Ellinikon is a major historical landmark, as it not only hosted the Old Airport take-off and landing airways, but also shaped the Athenian people and the local culture throughout the years. Discover the rich history behind the The Ellinikon and learn about its future plans, through the new book “The Ellinikon: A trip through time, from prehistory to the present“.

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Elliniko: A trip through time, from prehistory to the present.