The Ellinikon

Sustainable Development

The Vision

Shaping the city of the future, we continuously advance the design, construction and operation of The Ellinikon to reduce environmental footprint, create a resilient community, generate economic value and accelerate social well-being and engagement.

The Ellinikon has defined Sustainable Development as a form of development policy that seeks to meet the economic, social, and environmental needs of society in a way that ensures short, medium and, above all, long-term prosperity. Our vision is to design and create one of the largest sustainably built urban regeneration project in Europe’s history.

The Ellinikon is designed following the latest sustainability principles to stand as an ecological marvel and an important source of community awareness.

Sustainable development goals

At The Ellinikon we adopt the following United Nation sustainable development goals:


Energy & Carbon

To achieve net zero for embodied and operational carbon emissions, maximising energy efficiency and renewable energy sources in line with European decarbonisation goals to ensure sustainable growth and environmental protection.

Climate Resilience

To future proof the development against changing climate conditions, by proactively mapping climate risks and opportunities.

Air & Noise Pollution

To minimise air and noise pollution during both construction and operation.

Biodiversity & Soils

To restore and regenerate the natural ecosystems.

Water & Wastewater

To maximise water efficiency and minimise wastewater production.

Materials & Resource Efficiency

To minimise resource consumption, make efficient use of and responsibly source materials.


To design out waste and minimise waste to landfill.

Employment & Skills

To create employment opportunities and create a legacy of skills and learning.

Dignity & Equality

To develop and support opportunities to reduce inequalities, promote diversity and enhance accessibility.

Health, Safety & Wellbeing

To maximise health, safety, and wellbeing during project’s lifecycle.

Prosperity for society & local communities

To develop infrastructure to enhance the natural, cultural, and historic environment for society and the local community.

Life cycle assessment to be completed for commercial and high-rise residential buildings

100% of commercial and at least 50% of residential buildings to be certified with LEED rating system

Smart City Principles applied throughout the design process

Design to achieve biodiversity “Net Gain”

100% of existing materials will be reused for repurpose or construction

100% of soil will be decontaminated for reclamation and reuse

At least 75% of construction waste will be recovered and diverted from landfill

>10,000 new jobs will be created during construction

Νet zero greenhouse gas emissions for buildings following the European Green Deal

600,000 m2 of open green spaces

Scope 1, 2 and 3 GHG emissions will be monitored and reduced in accordance with ISO 14064

50 km path network for pedestrians and cyclists

100% of the irrigation water demand for the Metropolitan Park will be fulfilled through reclaimed water

1km newly developed free access beach

Developments have been future proofed against changing climate conditions

Sustainability Report 2022

At Lamda Development, sustainable development is an integral part of our business.

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