Following certain media reports regarding the coastal residential area and in order to avoid misunderstandings that may arise, LAMDA Development clarifies that the recent amendment of the Joint Ministerial Decision for areas to be developed as urban planning zones aims to transform the specific area into a car-free zone, with a more pedestrian-friendly character and more green spaces.

It is stressed that the free and unobstructed access of citizens to the coastal front remains a priority for LAMDA Development and the planned development serves this exact purpose.

The specific provisions of the amendment include:


A. More pedestrian paths:

–  The basic change is the transformation of the main road (21 meters wide) running through the area into a walkway, comparable to the most emblematic pedestrian-only streets in the country (e.g., Dionysiou Areopagitou St. is 20-25 meters wide).

–  A new walkway (6 meters wide) will be created at the same time, and another will be widened (from 6 to 7.5 meters).

These changes will:

–  create a more leisurely, extended pedestrian area connecting the main 56-meter walkway of the development to the green spaces and the other walkways.

–  create numerous possibilities for walks, light exercise, cycling etc.

–  make it easier for pedestrians to get to the beach, increasing the number of people who visit it.

–  Strengthen the network of walkways in the area overall.   

 B. More green spaces:

A result of the increase in the number of walkways noted above is the joining of a 5-meter-wide walkway (today a rocky area) at the edge of the beach with the existing green space, with its transformation into a green space as well. This transformation will:

– create a new, linear green space covering a total area of approximately 2 acres that will be connected to the beach.

– guarantee that the use of this linear “park” by the citizens (pedestrians, cyclists, etc.) remains unimpeded.

consequently, mean that the movement of pedestrians and cyclists is neither abolished nor impeded

– on the contrary, mean that movement occurs through the new green space where there will indeed be more opportunities to stop, rest, find shade, etc.

– consequently, more greatly facilitate people’s access to the coastal area.

 C. Net zero construction:

– The result of these interventions will be an increase of approximately 3,300 square meters in the size of public spaces in the area.

– These spaces become public property, and reduce the size of the Investor’s property by an equal amount.

– The minimal increase in the building coefficient has been calculated mathematically so that the construction adheres to exactly what was approved by the Presidential Decree.

– In other words, ELLINIKON S.A. has the right to develop exactly the same number of square meters as it had before the amendment.

D. Not a single change to the bike paths

– No bike path is being abolished, modified, or moved.

– The unified 22-kilometer bike path from Piraeus to Vouliagmeni remains in the place that has been formally announced and is not affected by the amendment.