The Ellinikon

The Ellinikon Park
A new “green” oasis

Discover Europe’s largest coastal park

Covering a sprawling 2,000,000 sq.m. of lush greenery, The Ellinikon Park elevates the coastal front of Athens and enriches the lives of the citizens. One of the world's largest coastal parks, serving as a unique cultural hub and a daily haven for enhancing well-being.

Connect with nature

The Ellinikon Park is thoughtfully crafted with your well-being in mind, providing a tranquil escape from the city’s fast-paced rhythm. It’s your personal sanctuary to unwind and reestablish your connection with nature.

Elevated training experience

An impressive 500,000 sq.m. state-of-the-art sports complex sets a benchmark for athletic facilities and public recreation areas. Take your pick from expansive green exercise spaces and indulge in various activities like soccer, swimming, tennis, basketball, and beach volleyball.

Wander in nature

A lush, interconnected network of nearly 50 km of pathways offers pedestrians and cyclists the chance to traverse archaeological sites, historic structures, sports facilities and many more. Notably, the 2.6 km Promenade will extend from the picturesque beach to the verdant hills of The Ellinikon.

Your home at The Ellinikon

Find your future home at The Ellinikon with 65 building zones that create distinct neighborhoods covering every need.

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