The Ellinikon

Little Athens

Little Athens is a new and vibrant neighborhood that features a broad range of modern residences and apartments designed by acclaimed local and international architects. It will provide all the benefits of The Ellinikon — the park, proximity to the beach, a growing community and a variety of shopping, food, and beverage destinations, as well as wellbeing facilities.

1000+ new homes

Designed by renowned local & international architects

Prime Location

Proximity to the Ellinikon Park and the beach

Neighborhood retail

A variety of shopping, food, and wellbeing facilities

Vibrant community

Offering an exceptional quality of life for its residents

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Discover Little Athens residences

Park Rise

Designed by the celebrated architectural office BIG as an interlocking vertical community, the 88 residences will enjoy excellent panoramic views of The Ellinikon Park and the sea from the upper levels.

Bjarke Ingels Group

1-5 Bedrooms

12 Floors

LEED Certification

Completion: Q2 2027

Pavilion Terraces

An iconic complex of organic building formations that are designed to stand out and have direct access to the vibrant main pedestrian street and easy connection to the many facilities of The Ellinikon. The buildings also feature neighborhood retail at ground level to cater to its residents.

314 Architecture Studio

1-5 Bedrooms

6 Floors

Completion: Q2 2027

Promenade Heights

Nine circular and elliptical buildings are divided by a central lush green space that connects directly to The Ellinikon Park. Layers of warm colors, textured walls and terrazzo give a modern feeling of home.

314 Architecture Studio

1-4 Bedrooms

5 Floors

Completion: Q4 2026

Atrium Gardens

An iconic complex of organic building formations that are designed to stand out and have direct access to the vibrant main pedestrian street and easy connection to the many facilities of The Ellinikon. The buildings also feature neighborhood retail at ground level to cater to its residents.

Deda & Architects

1-4 Bedrooms

5 Floors

Completion: Q4 2026

Trinity Gardens

Made up of three buildings, this project gives the space and tranquility of living on the edge of The Ellinikon, with easy access to Little Athens shops, The Ellinikon Park and only 100m to the sea.

Tsolakis Architects

1-4 Bedrooms

5 Floors

Completion: Q4 2026

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Questions & Answers

General Information on Little Athens
1. Is Little Athens and its residential projects gated?

Little Athens is a neighborhood, like any other in Athens and Greece, open to anyone with public roads, pedestrians and cycling lanes. Anyone can access the area without any restrictions. The various developments within Little Athens might have parts that are accessible to everyone (e.g., the retail component, such as supermarket, cafes, restaurants, bakery etc.) and other parts that are accessible only to the residents and their guests, in order to maximize their safety and privacy.

2. When is the estimated date of completion of Little Athens?

Little Athens is planned to be developed in the first two phases of The Ellinikon, since it comprises numerous urban blocks and covers a large area where this new and vibrant neighborhood will be developed. Phase 1 of Little Athens is planned to be completed by the end of 2026 together with the majority of the rest of Phase 1 projects of The Ellinikon.

3. Which construction company is responsible for the development of Little Athens?

Given the large scale and development phasing of Little Athens, there will be various construction companies that will be constructing the various projects within the neighborhood. The invitation, assessment and award of the construction companies will be the result of a rigorous and transparent tendering process to be held by Hellinikon SMSA, an 100% subsidiary company of Lamda Development SA, where local and/or international construction companies will be invited to participate, subject to the nature and complexity of each project.

General Information on the Apartments
1. What amenities can someone find in each project or residential unit?

Depending on the project, there might be certain amenities for the private use of specific apartments, such as private ground floor gardens, roof gardens, swimming pools or Jacuzzis. There might also be amenities that are for the communal use of all residents in a project, such as fitness area / gym, swimming pools or lounge areas. The above are included in the sale price of a property. With regards to the communal amenities, residents will need to cover all their operational and maintenance costs through the service charges that are split among all residents, typically on a monthly basis.

2. Can I change the layout of my property internally or externally?

No, the layouts of properties cannot be modified either internally or externally. The property will be constructed according to the layout shown in issued building permit.

3. Can I choose or change the finishes, materials and specifications of my property?

No, the material and finishes of the apartments and building are set by the architect in order to achieve the desired aesthetic and architectural result, therefore, they cannot be modified by the Purchaser. In some cases, buyers might be able to choose different materials from a pre-defined list prepared by Hellinikon SMSA, that may come at an extra cost. This extra cost will be communicated to the buyers to make their choice.

4. What will be the condition of my property and the communal areas of the building upon delivery/handover?

The property and the communal areas of the building shall be fit for use and occupancy. Furthermore, the plot where a building sits will be accessed through a structured and functional road network.

Purchasing Process Information
1. Can you please briefly describe the process and timing of purchasing my property?

Please click here to review the Residential Property Sales Process.

2. Can I buy a property as an individual, or is it possible to purchase it through a legal entity?

Purchasers are free to choose how they wish to purchase their property, either as individuals or via a Greek or foreign legal entity. The Purchaser can sign the Reservation Agreement either as individual or legal entity, in which case, the Sale & Purchase Agreement should be signed by the same physical/legal entity, or parent, child or spouse or a legal entity where the entity that signed the RA holds more than 50%.

3. Are there any restrictions that would not allow me to apply for bank financing for the purchase of my property?

No, there are no restrictions arising from the property itself or the Sale & Purchase Agreement (SPA) that would not allow a purchaser to apply for bank financing for the purchase of their property.

4. Are there any restrictions in buying a residential property in The Ellinikon that arise from my country of origin?

No, there are no restrictions in buying a residential property in The Ellinikon associated to the purchaser’s country of origin.

5. Once my property has been completed, are there any restrictions in selling or renting it out?

Once the property has been completed and handed over to its owner, the owner is free to dispose their property at will without any restrictions.

There might also be limitations on the minimum time for renting out a property according to the HOA Bylaws, aiming to safeguard the privacy of the residents and the exclusivity of the project. The majority of the projects in Little Athens are not expected to have any restrictions on minimum rental period.

6. Can I apply for a Golden Visa when purchasing a property in The Ellinikon?

Yes, the buyer of a property in The Ellinikon can apply for a Golden Visa, according to the current legislation, where the minimum value of the property is €800,000.

Specifically, non-citizens who will pay the purchase price or make a 10% deposit or sign a preliminary contract or private purchase agreement, proving the relevant credits by August 31, 2024 can complete their investment until December 31, 2024 with a minimum property value of €500,000.

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Payment & Expenses Information
1. Is there a payment plan in place when purchasing my property?

Yes, there is a payment plan in place since all our residential projects are sold off-plan. To reserve a property, the purchaser pays the reservation fee (typically 10% of the purchase price). Then, on signing the SPA, the purchaser pays another 10%-15% of the purchase price, followed by regular instalments which are based on achievement of predefined construction milestones of the project. Typically, each instalment is paid every 5-8 months (approx. 6 months on average) and ranges between 10% and 20%. The last instalment is paid upon handover of the property to the Purchaser.

2. Are there any parking spaces and storage room included in the purchase price of a residence?

Yes, parking spaces and a storage room are included in the sale price of a property depending on its typology (number of bedrooms). Typically, 1 bedroom apartments come with one (1) parking space, while the larger ones with two (2) or three (3) in some cases. These parking spaces are at secured below ground levels with direct access to the buildings. In some projects, there are also some visitors parking spaces within the plot. Outdoor parking spaces for guests and visitors can be found on-street in the wider area of Little Athens. Also, a storage room on basement level is also allocated to each apartment, the size of which varies depending on the apartment’s typology.

3. What are the payment methods accepted by the Seller for the purchase of my property?

The method of payments of all amounts is via bank transfers to the Seller’s bank account. The Seller may accept bank cheques only for the instalment paid upon signing of the SPA. The only proof of payment of any amount is the bank statement of the Seller’s bank account.

4. Do I pay VAT when I purchase a residential property in The Ellinikon?

No, all purchases of residential properties in The Ellinikon are exempted from VAT until the 31/12/2024.

5. What are the associated transaction costs of the purchase of my property, who shall bear the cost and when?

The associated transaction costs of the property purchase are in the range of 4%-5% and include: (a) the property transfer tax plus a municipal tax (3.09%), (b) the notary fees (typically between 0.5%-1%), and (c) the registration costs at the Cadastral Office (typically between 0.5%-1%). All these costs are calculated on the higher amount between the sale price and the objective value of the property, and are born by the Purchaser. Apart from the property transfer tax that must be paid a few days prior to signing the SPA, all other fees are typically paid after signing of the SPA. It should be noted that buying-side legal and agency fees may apply and are freely negotiable between the purchaser and his advisors.

Property Management and Maintenance
1. Will there be a property manager looking after the residential developments of The Ellinikon, and if so, what are their main tasks?

In every building/project there is typically a property manager appointed according to the HOA who has the operational and financial management of that building/project. This ensures that everything runs smoothly in the building/project, the rules and regulations are being properly followed, as well as the cleaning, maintenance and payment of all bills is taking place on time and to the desired standards.

2. Will I pay service charges when my residential property in Little Athens is completed, and if so, what do they include?

Yes, similarly to the majority of residential developments in Athens and Greece, service charges will be applicable and will need to be covered by the residents of a building/complex to cover all expenses related to the operation, management and maintenance of the common areas of that building/complex. Typically, service charges include utility bills (electricity, water, sewage etc.), possible services offered (e.g. landscaping, pool cleaning etc.), maintenance, management fee of the property manager and other. Service charges are typically paid monthly in arrears. A service charge guarantee and a general reserve amount might be also applicable to cover possible payment delays and unforeseen expenses that require urgent attention respectively.

It should be noted that a residential owner does not pay for any service charges related to areas outside the boundaries of the specific residential project where his property is located. Also, all costs related to the operation and maintenance of private areas of a residential unit, such as private pools, gardens, the apartment itself etc., are paid by the owner/resident of that unit. Finally, any possible a-la-carte services are paid separately and not through the communal service charges, as described above.

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