LAMDA Development announces that through its subsidiary HELLINIKON S.M.S.A., it has signed an agreement with the Olympic Airways Workers Cultural Centre (POL.K.E.O.A.), for the purchase and sale of the four non-navigational aircrafts that are located within the premises of The Ellinikon.

These four aircrafts, now fully owned by the Company include: a Boeing 727, a Boeing 737, a Boeing 747 and a BAC1-1.

The agreement establishes a new era in the relations between the two parties and was the result of months of negotiations aiming at finally resolving the issue of the partial removal of the aircrafts from The Ellinikon.

HELLINIKON S.M.S.A. and POL.K.E.O.A. confirm that this agreement lays a solid foundation for the exploitation of the legacy of Olympic Aviation and foresees the preparation of a feasibility study for the Boeing 747 being used as a museum space.

In addition, POL.K.E.O.A. with its valuable experience will contribute in the future in the possible creation of a Civil Aviation Museum.

The creation of the iconic project of The Ellinikon, the largest urban regeneration project in Europe, is being implemented with respect to the area’s history and culture, a vision that POL.K.E.O.A. has consistently served until today.