The Ellinikon

The Ellinikon

A unique multi-dimensional project that will change the city

The Ellinikon is a groundbreaking urban redevelopment initiative located on the historic grounds of the former Ellinikon International Airport in Athens. Committed to redefining the urban landscape, we blend innovation, sustainability, and culture to create a vibrant, forward-thinking community.

Our vision is to revitalize this iconic site into a dynamic hub that integrates modern living, green spaces, and cutting-edge technology. By preserving heritage while embracing progress, The Ellinikon aims to set a new standard for sustainable urban development, offering a bright and prosperous future for residents and visitors alike. Welcome to the future.

15 MIN
10 MIN
  1. Metro Station
  2. The Ellinikon Business District
  3. Education, Private School
  4. The Ellinikon Mall
  5. Metro Station
  6. Sports
  7. The Ellinikon Park
  8. The Cove Villas
  9. Residences/Apartments
    at Little Athens
  10. The Cove Residences
  11. Beach Hotel &
    Branded Residences
  12. The Beach
  13. Riviera Tower
  14. Health Park
  15. Marina
    Yacht Club
  16. Riviera Galleria
  17. Marina Hotel & Branded Residences

Welcome to the captivating world of The Ellinikon!

Nestled in a cutting-edge urban haven adjacent to Athens, within the largest development project in Europe, a remarkable experience awaits you.

With panoramic views of the endless Aegean blue and awe-inspiring sunsets gracing the Athens Riviera, The Ellinikon is your premier year-round destination. Immerse yourself in the epitome of contemporary living, featuring cutting-edge residences, dynamic shopping districts, thriving business centers, exhilarating entertainment venues, and tranquil retreats, all seamlessly woven into a 15-minute city designed for everyone.

The Ellinikon, a modern marvel of the 21st century in Greece, extends an invitation to embark on an extraordinary journey of unparalleled adventures and endless exploration.

The Ellinikon

  • The Ellinikon Park

  • The Ellinikon Riviera

  • Marina

  • Branded Residences

  • Coastal Residences

  • Park Residences

  • Health & Medical Facilities

  • Private & Higher Education

  • Sports Facilities

  • Sports Academies

  • Culture Venues

  • Hospitality & Hotels

  • Retail Destinations & Malls

  • Retail Destinations & Malls

  • Integrated Resort

Social Impact

  • 6,200 acres

    of urban living

  • 600 acres

    of local, green and open space

  • 1 km

    of newly landscaped public beach

  • 50 km

    of scenic walkways and cycle tracks

Economic Impact

  • €14 bn

    Incremental state revenues

  • 1 million

    Tourists annually

  • 85,000

    New jobs

Directions & Visitor Information

Our goal is to promote public transport as the main way of access to and from The Ellinikon. Together we will reduce traffic congestion and pollution.

The Ellinikon will be easily connected to Athens through its many transport connections:

Questions & Answers

When will The Ellinikon infrastructure development be completed?

Most of the phase 1 developments will be completed and open to the public by the end of 2025.
The Experience Park is a place for new experiences; a park that connects people with nature. It covers an area of 280 acres and includes 500 trees, approximately 55.000 plants, 4 plazas and many surprises! Also, do not miss the Experience Centre within the Experience Park!
Take a look into the past, present and future of The Ellinikon - Europe's most prominent urban regeneration project - through an extraordinary, interactive exhibition.

When can I visit the Experience Park and the Experience Centre?

The Experience Park operates daily, 9.00 – 22.00 and is easily accessible to everyone. You can find more details about the Park, as well as navigation directions, on our official website:

The Experience Centre is open from 9.00 to 21.00, daily. Book your free spot in advance and enjoy a unique, interactive exhibition that presents the innovations behind the most ambitious and sustainable urban regeneration project in Greece. Learn more, on our official website:

Where is The Ellinikon located ?

The Ellinikon is located in the south part of the city of Athens - the capital of Greece and the birthplace of the world’s first known democracy, with archaeological treasures such as the Parthenon.

Situated in a Greek landscape by the Mediterranean coast and surrounded by the metropolitan Athens, The Ellinikon is utterly unique in terms of position, scale and potential. It is located for maximum connectivity to central Athens, Piraeus Port and the Athens International Airport.

Will The Ellinikon be accessible to all ?

The Ellinikon will be open and easily accessible to all. Everyone will be able to visit The Ellinikon Park, the new Beach, the Marina and enjoy the site's 50 km of walking and biking paths. Easy access and the warm hospitality of people of every ability is a primary focus.

What is the timeline for The Ellinikon completion ?

The project has a planned development timespan of 25 years; this will be completed in several phases. In the first 5-year phase we will complete 45% of The Ellinikon Park including a network of pathways and open spaces, upgrade of the Coastal Front including creation of a new public Beach, as well as upgrade of the existing Marina of Ag. Kosmas. Additionally in this initial phase, transportation and operational infrastructure projects will be completed. This will include two new shopping malls and integrated resort, the creation of new sports facilities, the renovation of pre-existing buildings, as well as residential developments and hotels.

What are the social and economic benefits for Greece ?

The Ellinikon will be a significant development project internationally. Our goal for The Ellinikon is to become a leading center of economic, environmental and innovative development, an important tourist destination, and Europe's 'go-to' business center. The project is expected to contribute 2.4% to the Greek GDP, and over €14 billion in state tax revenues. The Ellinikon project is expected to create more than 75,000 new jobs.

How will The Ellinikon make a difference in everyday life ?

The Ellinikon will be a pioneering model for urban development with significant public areas dedicated to the common good. This will drive multiple benefits for all citizens.

It will be a new city with thousands of permanent residents and employees who will live and work in the area. It will attract new visitors, increase the tourist traffic in the wider area, and benefiting both the local and national economy.

At the same time, the The Ellinikon Park will offer 2,600,000 sqm of open public areas which will be an enormous benefit to the daily lives of citizens and visitors alike — a place to have fun, play sports and attend various events and exhibitions. The Ellinikon will be a new international cradle of culture.

How will The Ellinikon be integrated into the urban fabric of Athens?

The project follows a new model of urban development which is based on large common areas open to public. In The Ellinikon Park, green areas will be open to all Athenians. Additionally, kindergartens, primary and secondary education institutions, cultural centers and healthcare facilities will be created — all supporting new standards for higher quality of life.

The project will redevelop the wider Hellinikon area, while retaining the character and the cultural heritage of the area.

What is the estimated environmental footprint of The Ellinikon during and after the project’s first development phase?

The investment in The Ellinikon sets new standards for sustainable urban development. It seeks to become a global model for large scale "green” development projects.

Driven by a deep respect for the natural ecosystems, we plan the development of sustainable and technologically advanced infrastructure. This includes an advanced waste management system and alternative ways of saving energy. We will ensure easy access to The Ellinikon by public transport, by bicycle or on foot in order to avoid traffic congestion and achieve a reduction of pollutants. And, of course, a large part of The Ellinikon will be used for the creation of green and recreational spaces – open to all.

During the building phases, we have planned for the effective management and disposal of materials coming from the demolition and construction works. Also, our holistic planning ensures that construction is carried out with limited nuisance in the surrounding areas.

What will make The Ellinikon a ‘Smart City’?

The Ellinikon will be a model of urban regeneration with the integration of the most advanced technologies. This will include smart irrigation systems, smart water management, smart lighting, modern connectivity to the residents and visitors, and even smart buildings equipped with the most innovative infrastructure that ensure ergonomics and comfort.

At the same time, we will integrate smart mobility capabilities and infrastructures with intelligent traffic and transport management systems, and intelligent energy resource management systems to ensure sustainable energy consumption. Finally, the intelligent waste management systems will optimize waste- and waste-sorting efficiency with an emphasis on recycling and reuse of materials.

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